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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Utilizing V–Y fasciocutaneous advancement flaps for vulvar reconstruction
  2. Metformin as a therapeutic target in endometrial cancers
  3. Microcystic, Elongated, and Fragmented Pattern Invasion in Ovarian Endometrioid Carcinoma: Immunohistochemical Profile and Prognostic Implications
  4. Group-based trajectory modeling of fear of disease recurrence among women recently diagnosed with gynecological cancers
  5. Incidental leiomyosarcoma found at the time of cesarean hysterectomy for morbidly adherent placenta
  6. A comparison of two psychological interventions for newly-diagnosed gynecological cancer patients
  7. Resilience, Positive Coping, and Quality of Life among Women Newly Diagnosed with Gynecological Cancers
  8. Emotion episodes during psychotherapy sessions among women newly diagnosed with gynecological cancers
  9. Adjuvant vaginal cuff brachytherapy for high-risk, early stage endometrial cancer
  10. Cancer-related concerns among women with a new diagnosis of gynecological cancer : An exploration of age group differences
  11. Holding back sharing concerns, dispositional emotional expressivity, perceived unsupportive responses and distress among women newly diagnosed with gynecological cancers
  12. Influence of bevacizumab on vaginal cuff evisceration eight months after ovarian cancer cytoreduction surgery: A case report
  13. Social-cognitive processes associated with fear of recurrence among women newly diagnosed with gynecological cancers
  14. Development of pelvic abscess during pregnancy following transvaginal oocyte retrieval and in vitro fertilization
  15. Bupivacaine for wound infusion
  16. Perioperative morbidity associated with medically necessary panniculectomy in gynecologic oncology surgery
  17. A case of endometrial cancer in the context of a BRCA2 mutation and double heterozygosity for Lynch syndrome
  18. Colposcopic and cytologic detection of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in the vagina: A case report
  19. Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix presenting as an adnexal neoplasm
  20. Gynecologic oncologist's opinion